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I am interested with 

Reading and Writing

I do love reading books or news and writing to express my thoughts. At this site, I will Express my idea and reviewing books. Click 'Reading and Writing ' to show more. 

Traveling and Culinary

Traveling and Culinary are things that i love to do at my holiday. At this site, I will try to review places and foods by my opinion.  Click 'Traveling and Culinary' to show more. 


I also love to do exercise. About at 2017 I ever work as personal trainer at the gym, but about 2018 and 2019 i stop to do exercise. After i build this website, i will try to begin my exercise again. Click 'Exercising' to show  more.


I do love to gaming when I have much spare time. Game that i love to play are RTS (Real Time Strategy) like Dota 2, Stronghold Crusader, Etc. Click 'Gaming' to show more. 

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