Mohamad Amirunnaufal

Hi there! I'm Amirunnaufal and I love learning all kinds of new activities. I love getting to know my skill were increased and i success to learn something new. I was born in Blitar at 13th of September 1997. I come from Blitar, and now I study in University of Darussalam Gontor, focusing on International Relation and Interested at International Business study. My father is a Salesman, he is Soepriyanto and my mother is House Wife, her name is Turliana. 

Befor my study in University, I study in Darussalam Modern Islamic Boarding School that equal as Senior High School in Indonesia. I learnt things there, like organizing an organization, English and Arabic languages, discipline, scouting, and volunteering for social services.

I bulid this website as a tool to express my thought, my idea and all things that i love to do.