Dewan Kerja Koordinator


Dewan Kerja Koordinator is an assistant from the Scout Coordinator of the Gontor Modern Pondok Darussalam Gontor. This organization members classified as a special member because of the position and responsibilities it carries. Not only assisting the scouting movement at Pondok Modern Darussalam Gontor, this force also has responsibility for various agendas related to marching. Members of Dewan Kerja Koordinatoor are members who were elected and selected by the previous organization management. The tests to join this organization can not be underestimated, ranging from scouting ability tests, physical tests, to mental tests. These troops were scattered in several Darussalam Gontor branch, at Pondok Gontor 1, 2 and 3.

I joined this organization in 2013 and started to become a coach of the Flag Raising Force (Paskibra) since that year. Not only being a Paskibra trainer and marching line (2013-2016), I also gained experience as a conductor (2013-2014) and as a conductor trainer (2015-2016).